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Good song.

HA! Very funny. You should definitely finish the song, you did a great job with the animation.

Good flash.

Needed background music to enhance the effect of it, but good animation non the less.

As my old pal tony the tiger would say: GREAT!!!

Ha Ha Ha! Love the Weird Al. Great Flash for a Great Song.

RollOnClock responds:

thnx mate

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Nice concept for a game, but too many things you could have improved on. The sound system needed to be better (loop songs so they don't just turn off mid-game, and turn the other songs off when you turn on another song). It also wasn't much of a challenge to get the score you said. I got 0 on my first try because I didn't know you had to click, and then I got 609 on my second try. There also needs to be a better storyline, and games are always better if there's a point to them instead of just a single repetitive level with no increasing difficulty except for the fact that you're losing the will to play.

Nice Game

A fun, well made game. Good job.

freeworldgroup responds:


Too many bugs.

It was a great idea for a game, and it was really fun to play, but there are way too many bugs that you need to fix. For one, the text box down to bottom of the first level, that tells you what to do, isn't big enough to fit the text you put in it, so you can only read the middle bit of it. And I don't know about you, but I think I can play without those numbers telling me what position my mouse is in, and how strong my pull on my bow is. In fact, to me those just look like test values that you forgot to take out. There are also spelling errors throughout the intro like hapiness instead of happiness, and anyones instead of anyone's. Please fix these things and it would be an awesome game.

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